Cleveland Spine Specialists provide all aspects of spine care from evaluation and non-operative treatments to surgery and post-surgical care. We specialize in treating conditions such as arthritis, degenerated or herniated discs, spinal stenosis, instabilities, deformities and injuries.

Our goal is to restore optimal function and comfort for all patients whether a young athlete facing an injury or a senior managing the degenerative conditions of aging. With years of experience in orthopedics and spine surgery, our staff is highly trained to recognize the best line of care for your spinal condition.

While a surgical procedure may ultimately be necessary, our first line of treatment will likely be non-surgical. Therefore, when needed, Cleveland Spine Specialists work in collaboration with pain management specialists, physical therapists, sports medicine physicians and area hospitals to determine the best care plan for each individual. We are highly selective with referrals, understanding that each practitioner plays an integral role in patient recovery.

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Our practice is designed to provide you with quick access to care professionals. We understand the frustration of having to wait for weeks to see a spine specialist while you are in pain. Cleveland Spine Specialists ensure that you will be able to make an appointment within a week of your call.

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A welcome to Cleveland Spine Specialists from Dr. Brandon Raudenbush